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segreece training programs are carried out by experienced professional SE trainers who are certified by the international SEI association and who undergo a rigorous guidance and continued education program by their certification body, thus ensuring the maintenance of high professional standards throughout duration performing their work.


Rachporn Sangkasaad Taal

Faculty for the Introductions and the First Year, of the Second Cycle in Athens and online

Rachporn Sangkasaad Taal, lic. Phil. I, (MSc) is a certified psychologist, psychotherapist, Dance & Movement therapist, supervisor and trainer in private practice in Maassluis, The Netherlands. She specializes in trauma therapy, does crisis intervention in companies and presents at congresses.
She received her training as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist (IBP) at the IBP institute in Winterthur, CH. She is becoming a teacher for Somatic Experiencing (SE), Ego State Therapy (EST) Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and Tuningboard (TB) by Dr. Darrell Sancez.
She is also trained in Hypnotherapy, EMDR, CBT, Touch Therapy, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and Trainer in Eye Movement Integration (EMI), Resource Therapy (RT).
She has been the founder and chair of the Foundation of Somatic Experiencing Netherlands (SEN) and vice-chair of the European Association for Somatic Experiencing (EASE).

She is an instructor for the Foundation of Human Enrichment for the Beginning Year.


Dr. Pedro Prado

Faculty for the First Year.

Pedro Prado, 70, born in Brazil, graduated in clinical psychology in 1971 and worked and taught body oriented psychotherapy, in a neo-reichian somatic approach. In 1981 he was trained as a Rolfer and added the Structural Integration perspective into his practice. He was the first Rolfer in Brazil and dedicated himself to making Rolfing available in his country. Pedro founded the Brazilian Association of Rolfers, and became an Advanced Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor for the Rolf Institute, in Boulder Colorado, where he has been teaching since 1991.
In 2000 the Brazilian Association of Rolfers brought Peter Levine to Brazil and Pedro followed his inquiries into the somatic dimension of the psyche and incorporated SE into his practice. Pedro, in his pioneer personality, helped bring SE to Brazil and Latin America, and founded the Brazilian Association of Trauma. He became an Instructor for the Foundation of Human Enrichment, and has taught the Beginning and Intermediate and Advanced levels since 2005. Pedro has developed a methodology called “Structural Stretches” that integrates SE and the Structural approach. Currently, Pedro has a private practice, teaches for both Institutions all around the world, and, in 2006 completed a PhD in Psychosomatics


Berns Galloway

Faculty of the third year for all Cycles

Berns Galloway’s first professional incarnation was as an elementary teacher in New Brunswick and Northwest Territories, Canada. After 12 years of being in front of the classroom his focus shifted to psychotherapeutic group work. He studied various humanistic approaches and bodywork at PD Seminars, and then earned a Masters degree from the University of Victoria in 1995. For 14 years he has worked as a mental health therapist for a non-profit community agency, providing short-term therapy to adults, training and supervising volunteers, and supervising graduate students’ practica. He has had a private practice and now facilitate SE trainings full time.
Somatic Experiencing entered his life in 2000 and has since been a major focus in his professional orientation. Incorporating SE bodywork / touch has deepened his experience and strengthened the impact of the therapeutic process. Early in this learning process he was privileged to be part of a gifted training team working with First Nations peoples here on Vancouver Island. The depth of the trauma and commitment to change foreshadowed the transformation through the healing process. He is grateful and humbled to have witnessed this. They reinforced how organic somatic work is, the power of connection, and the necessity of embodying the full range of life’s energy. Collaboration and connection is key. We are not meant to go-it alone.
He continues to marvel at, and be awed by, the continuous richness Somatic Experiencing offers. Training internationally has expanded his scope and appreciation for just how similar our nervous systems are, and how unique our experiences manifest.

List of Greek SEP Practitioners



Trauma Therapist (SEP) with extensive training in shame (ASTP), Connection (Head Liaison in schools) and stress. yoga teacher for adults and children (200h, 27h). Ambassador of MiniMe Yoga and primary school teacher specializing in children with neurodiversity, emotional and behavioral (BSc Psy, PGCE, PGCert SENCo). All these elements have updated her practice to create a practical but smart format, accessible to all. It also provides sessions for adults, teens and children.

A former member of the Core Team at Kids Inspire, she actively contributed to their goal of providing therapeutic interventions to children and the adults who care for them (parents, teachers, etc.) and provided Supervision to Kids Inspire’s Mentoring program.

As the organizer of the Somatic Experiencing (R) vocational training in Greece, she invited a variety of experienced trainers and assistants in order to support an inclusive and broad learning experience.


Gulistan Plevri

She is passionate in finding ways to live a healthy, balanced and harmonious life. She has been traveling to North, Central and South America, Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia and other countries discovering hidden essential practices from each culture to maintain health. She uses methods to bring awareness on a physical, emotional and mental level liberating past tensions supporting the person to live life with a new flow of energy. BA in History, Psychology and Education from Oxford Brookes University, England, 1997. Post graduate diploma in Methodology of Teaching, Profile Language School, Athens, Greece, 2000. Instructor of the Science of Raw Food Nutrition and a Gourmet Raw Food Chef, Living Light International, U.S.A.

She is a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing© -Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing Practioner). She currently assists the SE training in Mexico, Romania and Greece. Certified therapist in numerous alternative therapies ((Primal (Childhood Deconditioning©), Tantra (Sexual Deconditioning), Healing the Inner Teenager, Transomatic Dialogue, 1st Akashic Process, Dream Dialogue, Past Life Dialogue, Oshos Diamond Breath, OSHO Art therapy, Ayurvedic Massage for Women, Reiki Master, Upledger Craniosacral therapy 1 and Detoxing)). Certified facilitator of the OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Active meditations.

Programs she has created:

Co-founder of Path of Meditation (2006)
Founder and creator of Conscious Nutrition (2007)
Co-creator of Healing the Inner Teenager Training, The Quest for Passion (2013).

Has been working with children, teenagers and adults since 1992. She gives groups and retreats in different countries and meditation centres around the world. She gives sessions in Greek, English and Spanish. Currently lives in Athens, Greece

E-mail: gulistan@segreece.org mobile: +5215545282202 (What’sΑpp), +306977785978 (calls, sms and viber)

Helena Kampisopoulou

helena kampisopoulou

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Ulrike hasbach-doussis

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